Our pillars

  • Disciplined capital allocation 
  • Active portfolio management approach 
  • Flexibility and rapid decision making 
  • Platform with centralised functions to enable scale and plug & play 
  • Operationally focused companies
  • Diversified customer base
  • Complementary networks
  • Distinct brands
  • Employees pivotal to each operation’s unique identity
  • Revenue share leaders in our home cities 
  • Transatlantic leadership and a leading player intra-Europe 
  • A key player in the consolidation of the airline sector 
  • Retain and promote talent 
  • Continual total cost focus 
  • Track record of successful restructuring during crises 
  • Dynamic and creative culture and workforce 
  • At the forefront of digital innovation in the airline industry 
  • Digital platform to grow revenue streams, enhance customer loyalty and drive cost efficiencies