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IAG Capital Markets Day 2015
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Capital Markets Day the presentation

International  Consolidated Airlines Group (IAG) will update the market today (November 6, 2015)  at its Capital Markets Day with the following information:

IAG  is today announcing a considerable upgrade to our long term return and equity  cash flow objectives. Long-term planning goals for 2016-2020 include:

    • Return  on Invested Capital (real terms) targeting sustainable 15% (compared to 12%+  previously)
    • An  operating profit margin of 12% to 15% (compared to 10% to 14% previously)
    • Average  EPS growth of 12%+ per annum (compared to 10%+ per annum previously)
    • EBITDAR  of approximately €5.6bn average per annum (compared to €5bn average per annum  previously)
    • Capex:  targeting less than €2.5bn per annum (compared to €2bn to €3bn per annum  previously)
    • Equity  free-cash flow of €1.5bn to €2.5bn per annum (compared to €1bn to €1.5bn per  annum previously)
    • ASK  growth of approximately 3% to 4% per annum (no change)
    • Gearing  to be in the investment grade zone (no change)


In  addition, IAG today announces the following changes in the executive management  teams within our operating companies. Keith Williams will be retiring as  Executive Chairman of British Airways in April next year and Alex Cruz, currently  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Vueling, will be replacing him. Also, Nick  Swift will be stepping down as Chief Financial Officer of British Airways in April  next year and Steve Gunning, current Chief Executive Officer of IAG Cargo, will  be replacing him. Further appointments will be announced in due course.

The  presentations from the Capital Markets Day can be accessed via and  a webcast of the event will be available today from 0830  GMT/0930 CET.


Enrique Dupuy de  Lôme
  Chief Financial Officer
  November 6, 2015





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